Lama Trauma
S7 episode 7 Aired on July 14, 2015

Hank helps prep Boris’ patient, Rinpoche – an important and young Tibetan monk – for an upcoming surgery, but Hank soon discovers that Rinpoche may be sicker than he first thought. Boris asks Evan to make sure the hospital runs smoothly while Rinpoche is secretly preparing for surgery. Meanwhile, Prince Quami invites Divya to accompany him to Paris.  

Evan’s quiet day at the hospital is interrupted when a bird gets into his office.  He chases it around the hospital, determined to catch it, but the bird outsmarts him at every turn.  A run-in with Nurse Margaret only exacerbates the problem.  When Evan learns the myth about birds entering buildings, he fears the consequences of letting it fly free.      

Meanwhile, Divya’s flattered by Prince Quami’s offer, but must decline after she realizes she’d rather be with Raj.  Determined to make things with Raj more permanent, Divya proposes spending a weekend away together.  Raj happily agrees.  

When Rinpoche takes a turn for the worse, Hank must work to save him after the cardiac team is delayed.  But Hank may be out of his league when he attempts a complicated procedure, and turns to Boris for help. 

Divya also treats her babysitter Nate, who shows up to the guesthouse with a fever.  Nate thinks it’s just a summer bug, but Divya realizes it could be more serious than that.  

Finally, Evan comes to an understanding with Nurse Margaret after their clash over the bird, but Divya’s romantic getaway with Raj is ruined after he comes to her with some startling news…