Secret Asian Man
S7 episode 6 Aired on July 7, 2015

After Evan uncovers Boris’ secret plan for a patient of international import, Boris is forced to include him in his machinations, but Evan may be getting in over his head.  Meanwhile, Hank and Divya worry about Jeremiah after his disappearance.  Divya quickly realizes where Jeremiah may be hiding.  

Hank also treats Ken “Killer” Keller, who believes his nausea and upset stomach are from his feelings of love for his new girlfriend, Helen.   Helen’s a Reiki specialist who has Ken living a completely natural and healthy existence.  But Hank realizes Ken’s “nervous butterflies” aren’t from being in love, and instead, something else entirely. 

Divya tries to coax Jeremiah out of his self-imposed isolation, but to no avail.  Divya also treats Jim Harper, a fisherman involved in a Civil War re-enactment for the weekend.  Jim’s been feeling feverish and has a slight rash.  Arguing with his estranged brother, Ed, isn’t helping matters.  But when Jim’s fellow re-enactors also get sick, Divya begins to suspect they could all be suffering from a long dormant, yet highly contagious illness.  

Meanwhile, Evan tries to follow Boris’ complex instructions.  But when he accidentally reveals certain details of the plan, Evan worries he may have blown Boris’ entire operation. And after saving Jim and confronting Jeremiah, Divya has her own medical emergency, forcing Jeremiah into action.         

Finally, Evan meets Boris’ secret patient, but he’s not exactly who Evan expected…