Voices Carry
S7 episode 5 Aired on June 30, 2015

Hank travels to New York with Olympia for a romantic getaway and conference in the city.   Meanwhile, Boris is anxious to put his secret plan for Hamptons Heritage into motion – the longer he and his foreign colleague wait, the greater the risk of a security breach.  And Paige continues to oversee the renovations on her and Evan’s new home with their contractor, Gus.  

Evan tries to implement an asset-tracking program at Hamptons Heritage, but is sidelined by Boris.   Meanwhile, Paige is dismayed to see how little progress Gus is making on their renovations.   Paige takes charge, and whips Gus into shape, inspiring Evan to do the same with Boris.  

Meanwhile, in the city, Hank treats Mina, an interpreter working for the United Nations.  Mina’s been having a difficult time interpreting for a member of the Afghanistan delegation.  She believes his severe personality has her completely flustered, but Hank fears it may be something more serious.  

Divya runs into Rafa in the Hamptons, and receives some surprising news about their custody agreement. Divya also feels torn between Prince Quami and Raj, and turns to Paige for help.  But a surprise guest living in Paige’s house interrupts their friendly chat, and throws them into an emergent medical situation.  

After Hank arrives back in the Hamptons, Boris informs him that Jeremiah seems to have disappeared following his incident in the lab.  And Evan uncovers Boris’ secret hospital room, much to Boris’ consternation…