The Prince Of Nucleotides
S7 episode 4 Aired on June 23, 2015

While trying to get pregnant, Paige learns about a young teenager named Elán giving her unborn baby up for adoption and gets excited about the prospect of adopting.  Paige and Evan meet Elán, but Elán doesn’t seem as excited about them as they are about her.  Meanwhile, Jeremiah and Evan plan a gala fundraiser for the Rare and Orphan Diseases Lab. Finally, Divya does a favor for Prince Quami, who then asks her to accompany him to the gala. 

Hank meets Anna, a teenage choreographer studying at a summer arts camp.  Anna’s been having calf pain and shortness of breath, and Hank worries she could have a blood clot in one of her legs.  But when Hank does his exam, he realizes there’s more to Anna than meets the eye. 

Jeremiah’s old college roommate, Jim MacGuire, surprises him with a visit to the lab.  Jim was hoping to outfit Jeremiah’s lab with his latest genetic sequencer, but quickly realizes Jeremiah’s already set.  But when Jeremiah hears the benefits of Jim’s new product, he’s intrigued and agrees to put one on order.  

Hank also treats Olympia Houston, a wealthy donor attending the Rare and Orphan Diseases Lab gala fundraiser.  At the gala, Hank’s surprised by a charity auction that isn’t quite what it seems.   Meanwhile, Divya’s taken aback when Prince Quami kisses her after the fundraiser.  

And after realizing Jim wasn’t entirely forthcoming with him, Jeremiah has a setback…