Playing Doctor
S7 episode 3 Aired on June 16, 2015

Evan settles into his role as interim hospital administrator of Hamptons Heritage and creates a video blog to update his staff.  Meanwhile, Paige oversees renovations on their new home, but is dismayed to learn it may take longer than expected.  Evan’s determined to get a start on their family after his surprising diagnosis, but Paige isn’t as eager while they live in the guesthouse. 

Hank treats Cole Chapman-Smith, an intense Hollywood actor.   Cole’s in the Hamptons researching for a new role and wants to shadow Hank.  Hank agrees, but gets more than he bargained for when Cole begins digging into what makes him tick.  But when a paparazzo that’s been trailing Cole has a medical emergency, Cole gets to see the real Hank in action.  

Divya also treats Crown Prince Quami Obua, a wealthy and handsome African Prince.  Prince Quami is visiting the Center for Rare and Orphan diseases at Hamptons Heritage to get tested for a rare family affliction.  His upcoming marriage hinges on the results.  And though he’s initially dismissive of Divya, what she ultimately learns about him surprises her.  

Evan’s excited to see how well his video blog is being received by the staff of Hamptons Heritage. But when Hank points out Evan revealed more than he intended, Evan freaks out.  

Emboldened after her conversation with Prince Quami, Divya passionately squares off against Rafa in the latest round of their custody battle, but it may have unintended results. Meanwhile, Evan takes a sentimental journey back to New Jersey.