False Start
S7 episode 2 Aired on June 9, 2015

After their pregnancy scare, Evan and Paige decide they’re ready to start a family.  However, a decision from Evan’s past comes back to haunt him – and he fears he may already have children of his own.  After his failed proposal to Charlotte, Hank decides to find the perfect woman to settle down with, but his first date doesn’t exactly go as planned.  Meanwhile, Jeremiah rescues Divya following her incident with the police.  

Hank also treats Josh Dunlap, a big man with a bigger personality who’s training for the Hamptons Triathlon.  Josh is keeping track of his stats with his training partner – who also happens to be his girlfriend – but lately has had trouble finishing his workouts.   Scared he won’t be able to finish the triathlon, or impress his girlfriend anymore, Josh turns to Hank for help.  

Divya and Jeremiah treat Mrs. Koch, a wealthy socialite with a unique medical malady.  Although her condition isn’t serious, what she reveals to Divya is – Divya’s incident with the police has gone viral.  Divya’s shocked and upset that people view her as a terrible mother, but Jeremiah ultimately convinces her to ignore them.  

Hank also tries his hand at online dating on Josh’s advice, but it’s not as straightforward as he hoped.  Evan and Paige discover that getting pregnant may be harder than they thought.    

And despite putting the viral video behind her, Divya faces a new obstacle in her custody battle with Rafa after he sees it…