S7 episode 1 Aired on June 2, 2015

After an incredible start to summer, Hank decides he wants to make his relationship with Charlotte more permanent, but she may not feel the same way.  Evan and Paige finally close escrow on their own home and couldn’t be more excited – until they receive some startling news.  Meanwhile, Boris completes his purchase of Hamptons Heritage and is looking for a new interim administrator to run it.  Hank’s hesitant to take on so much responsibility, but Hank isn’t whom Boris had in mind.   

Hank and Divya treat Aubrey Wolfhouse, a TV cooking/lifestyle personality and host of the hit new show, 52 Parties.  Aubrey’s in the Hamptons to film her latest episode at Ms. Newberg’s estate, but is sidelined by a continuing medical problem.  Ultimately, Hank and Divya have to give Aubrey a startling diagnosis, but her upbeat personality inspires them both.  

Hank and Divya also treat Ms. Newberg, who’s experiencing some concerning symptoms after a weekend spent with Eddie. Hank quickly realizes her symptoms are no cause for alarm. 

Divya is also finalizing her custody agreement with Rafa.  But when a skateboarder in distress needs Divya’s help, Divya’s thrust into a situation that is not what it appears to be – and it threatens to undo everything she’s worked for.   Meanwhile, Evan and Paige’s dream home turns out to have some unexpected guests.  

And despite assuring Hank his takeover of Hamptons Heritage was for noble purposes, Boris clearly has an ulterior motive for purchasing the hospital…