Oh, M.G.
S6 episode 9 Aired on August 5, 2014

Evan and Ray celebrate the grand opening of HankLab as part of a Hamptons summer street fair.  Meanwhile, Hank helps Charlotte as she prepares for her first corneal transplant surgery. And Divya worries about Jeremiah after she presses him about his relationship with Viviana. 

Hank also treats Sam, a perfumer at a local Hamptons perfumery. Sam’s a romantic at heart that believes everyone has their own perfect scent.  But when he starts losing his gifted sense of smell, Sam worries he won’t be able to continue doing the job he loves.  It’s up to Hank to figure out what’s wrong before Sam loses his talent forever.  

Divya also treats Lauren, a nail artist she meets at the Hamptons street fair.  Lauren’s feeling slightly under the weather, and thinks she might just have a slight summer cold.  But after Lauren crashes her Vespa in front of HankLab, Divya races to Lauren’s rescue and realizes her condition is much more serious than she thought.  

Meanwhile, Evan and Paige go on a double date with Emma and Cinco to a new Hamptons hotspot.  Feeling out of place amongst the hip, young Hamptons crowd, Evan worries that he’s growing old and isn’t the young, carefree kid he used to be. And after SnarkHampton posts an unflattering photo of her, Emma worries Cinco will break up with her.