I Did Not See That Coming
S6 episode 8 Aired on July 29, 2014

After discovering that Russel stole a rug from one of their clients, Paige feels like she can’t trust him anymore and Evan suggests they turn to Bob for help.  Meanwhile, Emma attends the lavish birthday party of Cinco Phipps, a very wealthy and popular Hamptons teen.  And Hank rekindles his romance with Charlotte, a beautiful business owner he met while traveling in Europe with Boris.     

Divya and Jeremiah also treat Naomi, a recent Hamptons transplant who’s undergoing fertilization therapy in hopes of getting pregnant.    When Naomi starts having strange symptoms, she mistakenly believes her dream is finally coming true.  But Divya realizes it’s something much more dire.  

Though Hank’s surprised to see Charlotte, given how things ended in Europe, they pick up right where they left off, re-igniting their passionate affair.  And much to Hank’s surprise, Charlotte’s in the Hamptons to research a cutting-edge procedure to help her regain her eyesight.  Meanwhile, Emma grows closer to Cinco at his birthday bash.  But when things at the party start to spiral out of control, Emma calls Hank, relying on him to save the day. 

Meanwhile, Jeremiah’s relationship with Viviana grows when he asks her out on a date.  And with Bob’s help, Paige reaches an understanding with Russel.  But just when things seem to be getting back to normal, Paige discovers how big of a problem Russel actually has.