Electric Youth
S6 episode 7 Aired on July 22, 2014

When Emma stays out late at a wild house party, Hank begins to worry that the Hamptons may be a bad influence on her. Meanwhile, Divya wants to tell Hank she’s going part-time to spend more time raising Sashi, but to her consternation Jeremiah tells him first. When Evan struggles with the pressures of opening HankLab with Ray, he and Paige turn to their therapist, Bob. And after spending the day helping Viviana, Jeremiah grows closer to her, and takes a big step forward in their friendship… 

Hank and Divya treat Billy Tripp, a laid-back Hamptons house sitter. Billy’s a boyish thirty-something who’s doing his best not to grow up too fast.  But when Billy starts to have dangerous complications from an accidental electric shock, Hank helps Billy realize that some things in life need to be taken seriously.  

Jeremiah treats Viviana’s friend Hope, a dancer at a burlesque club next door to the new HankLab. Hope’s throat has been irritating her for days, but she hasn’t had time to see a doctor. But when she passes out during one of her dances, Jeremiah realizes her sore throat is something much more serious.  

Meanwhile, Paige helps Russel with a boorish couple that has ruined a priceless antique, and discovers how little Russel cares for certain clients. And with Bob’s help, Evan realizes he needs to help Hank recapture a lost part of his childhood.