Everybody Loves Ray, Man
S6 episode 6 Aired on July 15, 2014

As Paige helps HankMed patient Ray Mazzarino prepare to open his new restaurant, Evan and Jeremiah worry that they’ll never find a space to start HankMed’s medical lab.  Meanwhile, Hank feels that Emma needs to think more seriously about her future. And Divya has a scheduling issue with her nanny.  

Hank also treats Franklin, the larger-than-life head chef at Olio’s.  Franklin’s under a lot of pressure with Olio’s opening night approaching fast, and when he has a freak accident in the kitchen, Ray’s livid and thinks Franklin might be hitting the booze again.  But after dining at Olio’s during their opening night, Hank realizes there might be a medical explanation for Franklin’s intoxication.    

Divya also treats Dave Reed, a NASCAR race crew pit chief who’s anxiously coaching his daughter Ashley in her qualifying races.  Ashley’s on the cusp of racing in the big leagues, and is worried the stress of qualifying is harming her father.  But Divya discovers that Dave’s symptoms might be self-inflicted. 

Meanwhile, Evan and Jeremiah despair after scouring Long Island for a place to open the new HankLab.  With no space meeting their requirements, they fear the worst for HankMed, until Ray suggests an unlikely location.  But there might be an issue with the neighbors next door. 

And when Ray suggests a business proposal to Evan over the new lab space, Evan fears he’s getting in deeper than he should with the purported mobster…