Goodwill Stunting
S6 episode 5 Aired on July 8, 2014

While out on a morning run, Hank and Emma run into Ricky White, a former HankMed client and professional snowboarder who seems to have injured himself. Meanwhile, Evan’s convinced that HankMed can help a young woman with a mysterious and debilitating disease.  Paige and Russel take on a new client for Sutton and Chesterfield’s. And Jeremiah locks horns with a Symphony administrator over an aggressive new pricing schedule at Hamptons Heritage.  

Hank’s concerned when he sees Ricky limping up the beach after suffering a bad wipeout while surfing. Though Ricky stoically brushes off his injury, Hank worries it could be something more serious.  And when Hank follows Emma to Ricky’s party later that day, he realizes Ricky’s in much more danger than he thought. 

Meanwhile, Evan’s dedicated to helping Nancy Conrad, a former dance instructor whose mysterious disease has paralyzed her from the waist down. Evan’s convinced the one doctor who can help her, when all others have failed, is Hank.  But as Hank and Evan work towards a diagnosis, they begin to suspect that Nancy hasn’t been entirely forthright with them. 

Paige and Russel attend to a new client of Sutton and Chesterfield’s – Ray Mazzarino.  Ray recently moved from New Jersey, and is looking to leave his past life behind and start fresh in the Hamptons.  And he wants his beautiful new home to feel like the Hamptons. But when Paige and Russel face an unexpected setback, they worry they won’t be able to complete the project.  Meanwhile, Hank and Divya help Ray realize his itchy skin is a sign of something much more serious. 

And after a competitive Symphony administrator threatens to drive them out of business, Jeremiah and Evan come up with a radical plan to save HankMed…