Steaks On A Plane
S6 episode 4 Aired on July 1, 2014

Evan and Paige throw a welcome bash for Emma, but an errant party trick quickly causes things to spiral out of control. Meanwhile, Divya and Jeremiah bond over their lack of success in the dating world. And Hank travels to Monte Carlo to help Boris with another secret mission. 

Divya and Jeremiah also treat a group of Hamptons firefighters who seem to be suffering from fatigue. They’re particularly worried about Kevin, the older, slightly out-of-shape chief who’s experiencing the worst symptoms. Concerned it might be something in the firehouse, Divya and Jeremiah race to save these fellow Hamptons first responders when Kevin quickly spirals from bad to worse.  And after observing the firemen, Jeremiah makes some changes in his life, hoping to appear more attractive to Viviana, the bartender at Summerhouse. 

Meanwhile, Hank arrives in Monte Carlo to find Boris engaged in a plot to purge shadowy depositors from his bank. And despite the tension between them, Boris needs Hank’s help. Hank goes undercover and meets Berta, the depositors’ savvy financial representative. But when Berta kidnaps Hank, and whisks him halfway around the globe, Hank must think fast on his feet to prevent her, and her nefarious clients, from disappearing forever.  

Evan and Paige also struggle to find a new place to live, following their party mishap. But when they bring their problem to their therapist, Bob, he suggests a slightly unconventional solution.