A Bridge Not Quite Far Enough
S6 episode 3 Aired on June 24, 2014

Eddie Lawson grapples with the idea that Emma Miller is his daughter. Hank and Evan want Eddie to bond with her, but Eddie’s unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Divya believes she’s found the perfect nanny, and can finally juggle motherhood with her job at HankMed. And Jeremiah meets a bartender at Summerhouse, a sanctuary from the chaotic environment at his home.  

Hank also meets Annie Meadows, a Hamptons private investigator working the most important case of her career. Annie can’t let her mysterious symptoms get in the way of her job, and she ropes Hank into a stakeout just so he can finishing examining her. But when Hank realizes the severity of her symptoms, he convinces Annie that her health is more important than cracking the case.  

Divya also treats a family of rambunctious children, and bonds with their mother over the difficulties of childcare. But when their encounter leads to a stunning betrayal, Divya discovers that not all mothers are cut from the same cloth.  

Meanwhile, Paige suggests that Evan help build the relationship between Eddie and Emma. Evan, believing Emma will love Eddie as soon as she gets to know him, convinces her to give Eddie a chance.  

And though Emma seems to finally be settling into life in the Hamptons, Eddie, Hank, and Evan confront her after a background check by Annie reveals that Emma’s not exactly telling them the truth about everything…