All In The Family
S6 episode 2 Aired on June 17, 2014

Hank and Evan grapple with the discovery that Emma Miller is their younger sister and try to contact Eddie, but are unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Paige and Evan believe they’ve learned all they can from their therapist, and decide to part ways with him. And Jeremiah realizes that having Divya and Sashi live with him isn’t going to be as easy – or as quiet – as he thought. 

Hank also gets a call from Aaron Fogel, the head pro at a local tennis club, asking if he can come check on his staff. Aaron’s particularly anxious about Tracy Linn – his best pro. He fears Tracy may re-aggravate an old injury, and hurt her chances to compete again. But after hearing they traveled abroad recently, Hank’s concerned they both may have contracted something a bit more exotic. 

Paige and Evan invite Emma to dinner at the Guesthouse in an effort to get to know her better. Emma’s hesitant, but eventually agrees, and the meal with everyone goes smoothly. But when Evan and Paige track Emma down the next day, they realize she may not have told them the entire truth about herself. 

Meanwhile, Jeremiah discovers a quiet place that becomes his sanctuary away from home. And while Hank, Evan, and Paige are confronting Emma about her misleading half-truths, Eddie Lawson walks in the door of the guesthouse…