A Bigger Boat
S6 episode 12 Aired on August 26, 2014

Hank and Evan worry that Emma’s in over her head in the Hamptons after discovering she stole Hank’s prescription pad. Paige and Evan decide to follow Emma to keep an eye on her.  Meanwhile, Jeremiah and Evan present Boris with a business proposal for the new HankLab.  And after her second surgery, Charlotte finally regains her eyesight. 

Hank also treats Cinco, Emma’s boyfriend, after she informs him that Cinco’s wrist has been hurting him. When Cinco asks him for painkillers, Hank fears that Cinco may just be looking for drugs. But after Hank discovers that Cinco isn’t the only one in the family who’s sick, he realizes that Cinco’s condition is more serious than he thought.  

Jeremiah and Divya also treat Chase, the co-owner of a local boat-building business.  Chase is complaining of headaches and joint pain, but thinks it could just be due to all the extra work he’s taken on with his partner gone. But when Chase starts exhibiting strange symptoms, Jeremiah and Divya realize he’s suffering from more than just exhaustion. 

Meanwhile, while following Emma around town, Evan and Paige discover Emma’s trying to flush out Oz and decide to help.  Hank also helps Charlotte as she adjusts to her newfound vision, but a terrible accident rattles her.  And Jeremiah and Boris hash out a plan for the new and improved HankLab. 

And when Emma’s discovery of Oz’s real identity has an unintended consequence, she decides the Hamptons may not be for her after all…