HankMed On The Half Shell
S6 episode 11 Aired on August 19, 2014

After the shooting, Paige takes Ray to HankLab so he can treat Ray’s gunshot wound. Ray wants to keep the whole affair quiet, but Evan arrives having already called the police. Meanwhile in Argentina, Hank and Boris tend to Tobias after his cardiac event. And Divya helps Lorena with a nagging medical condition despite Lorena’s insistence that Sashi stay in Buenos Aires. 

Jeremiah also treats Sloane Lerner, a model working a commercial shoot for Chewy’s Clam Shack.  Sloane’s got a reputation for being a bit of a diva, and when she claims that she can’t swallow the clam sandwiches during filming, the director believes that she’s just being high-maintenance. But when Sloane suddenly takes a turn for the worse, Jeremiah realizes she’s suffering from something more serious than just a bad attitude. 

Evan’s intent on getting out of business with Ray after realizing how close Paige came to being harmed. He enlists Bob’s help, but quickly realizes it’s a problem he’s going to have to solve on his own. Meanwhile, Paige confronts Ray about the shooting, only to discover the surprising identity of the shooter. And when Ray’s health suddenly nosedives, Paige calls Hank, recently back from Argentina, for help.   

Meanwhile, Divya and Jeremiah reconcile after Jeremiah realizes Divya sent a lawyer to help Viviana at her immigration hearing. Hank and Evan finally confront Emma about the picture she sent to SnarkHampton and it has an unintended result.  And Evan turns to an unlikely source to help keep HankLab afloat after Ray leaves the business.