Good Air / Bad Air
S6 episode 10 Aired on August 12, 2014

Paige convinces Russel that he needs to return the priceless items he’s stolen from clients’ homes and in the process they meet Wendy, a maid who was fired because of him. Hank agrees to travel to Argentina with Boris and meet a patient for Boris’ clinical trial. And Divya, wanting to put some space between her and Jeremiah, travels with Hank and Boris to Argentina to meet Lorena, Sashi’s grandmother. 

Jeremiah treats Wendy when Paige and Russel realize she’s not feeling well.  Wendy’s convinced she just has the summer flu, and is taking time off from work and resting at her sister’s guesthouse in the Hamptons trying to get better. But when Wendy’s symptoms start to spiral out of control, Jeremiah realizes her illness is much more serious than just the flu. Jeremiah also decides to help Viviana with her immigration hearing. 

Evan’s intent on exposing Oz after SnarkHampton posted an out-of-context yet damaging photo of Hank. After Evan unsuccessfully tries to crack the secure website, Ray offers him the services of a hacker he knows, putting Evan much closer to the truth. Meanwhile, Emma tries to dissuade Evan from pursuing the truth. 

In Argentina, Hank and Boris meet Tobias, a wealthy Argentinian suffering from an unnamed genetic disease, and his son Jakob. Tobias hopes to be a part of Boris’ clinical trial and at first his prospects look good. But when he has an unexpected cardiac event, Hank must race to save his life.