Smoke and Mirrors
S6 episode 1 Aired on June 10, 2014

Summer is kicking off in the Hamptons with a lavish Puja ceremony to celebrate the naming of Divya’s new baby.  After a long winter on bed-rest, Divya is settling into the joys of motherhood with her daughter, Sashi.  Having lived together over the winter, Divya and Jeremiah are closer friends than ever.  But when this exclusive summer bash begins, there’s one person missing – especially for Evan – and that’s Hank.  But Hank helicopters in, just in time for the festivities.

Hank hasn’t been back to the Hamptons since Valentine’s Day, when he rushed home from his travels with Boris, after hearing Divya had gone into labor.  He wouldn’t have missed the birth of his best friend’s daughter for anything.  But once he got home, he faced a difficult decision between his friendship with Divya and his commitment to Boris. 

In a series of flashbacks to the winter, we see Evan concoct a plan to make Hank stay in the Hamptons.  He and Paige (stronger than ever after a winter of couples therapy) introduce him to Lance McGuire, a talented local musician.  Lance believes he’s inherited his father’s deadly disease, and lets it dictate his life.  Hank starts getting very invested in this new patient. 

Back in the present Boris has an important and secretive mission underway and can’t stay at Shadow Pond for long.  He expects Hank to leave with him on a moment’s notice. But just as Hank is forced to choose between Boris and The Hamptons, a mysterious young woman appears and promises to change his life forever.