Chock Full O'Nuts
S5 episode 7 Aired on July 31, 2013

Hank has a lot on his plate, as he tries to coax Milos to come to the US for his (fake) clinical trial.  He also brings Ken “Killer” Keller in to help broker the Symphony Health/HankMed merger, a process that proves to be a lot more difficult than he expected.  In the process, Hank meets Ben, a former Wall Streeter-turned-cycle instructor who could be speeding towards a very serious medical condition.

Divya has moved in with Jeremiah, and the two find that being roommates comes with a few growing pains.  But Divya has little time to dwell on that as she treats Greer, a gourmet candy maker with an ever-expanding business, and ever-increasing stress levels.

Paige and Russel race to finish cataloguing Boris’ vast estate for the auction, which is fast approaching.  The rush doesn’t keep Paige from finding art for herself, the purchase price leaves Evan fuming.  This leads to a lovers’ spat that hints at much more troubling issues.

Production Notes

  • This is the first script written solely by former assistant Aubrey Karr, and third episode directed by star Mark Feuerstein.
  • The shot of Killer Keller’s leg getting sliced open by the stationary bike is actually a composite of 3 shots – 1. A “plate shot” with no leg, 2. A shot with his real leg, and 3. A shot of a prosthetic leg that gets hit by the pedal.
  • Due to the intensive clean-up that was required, the candy fiasco scene was shot in one take, with 4 cameras
  • Despite the incredible mess the spilled candy made, dripping chocolate, stains, and other “additions” were VFXed into the scene to make it especially chaotic.
  • Milos’ study (where he throws the cell phone) and Paige and Evan’s bedroom were actually shot in the same building, in adjacent rooms.