Can of Worms
S5 episode 6 Aired on July 24, 2013

Boris and Hank secretly meet to formulate a plan that will lure Milos to the United States. Evan discovers the news and wants in, but Hank doesn’t want to endanger him or anyone else. This doesn’t stop Evan from turning Shadow Pond upside down in an attempt to figure out what Milos is so desperate to find.

HankMed gathers at a political rally for Evan as he tries to jump-start his campaign.  The blustery conditions spell trouble for one unlucky heckler, but his injuries pale in comparison to what Hank finds during a follow-up.  And in an age of viral videos, the incident is the last thing Evan needs, necessitating a visit from someone high up the political food chain.

Hank treats Minnie Levy, an entrepreneur just back from a trip to Mexico. Minnie has fallen ill, which makes selling her low-calorie cocktails pretty difficult.  Hank clashes with Todd, Minnie’s super-fit trainer/boyfriend, who thinks he knows best.  With a promotional event coming up, Minnie can’t be sick, and all the HankMed experts come up with different diagnoses. But the real problem is uncovered by a surprising source.

Divya’s neighbor Sandra has her hands full as a single mom, and things only get tougher when her son Max gets sick. Divya enlists Jeremiah to help make a diagnosis, but what they find not only endangers Max, but Divya herself.