Pregnant Paws
S5 episode 4 Aired on July 10, 2013

HankMed is back up and running in the Hamptons after a 72-hour hiatus. An uneventful staff meeting is capped by a bombshell as Jeremiah reveals Divya’s pregnancy.  The brothers Lawson find themselves shocked, excited, and…clueless about what to do next.  Knowing nothing, they compensate by doing everything, much to the chagrin of Divya.  Only after receiving advice from an unlikely source do the brothers finally realize what Divya really needs.

Hank, still getting pressure to join forces with Symphony Health, informs Shelby that he’s just not ready to make a decision.  Shelby, not one to wait, continues her search for a concierge doctor elsewhere, inviting the return of a familiar face to the Hamptons.

Meanwhile, Paige shows up nervous but excited for a job interview to work for Russel Berger, a top-notch specialist for a prestigious auction house.  But Paige gets much more than she bargained for when her interview turns into an all-day affair.

Divya treats Maya, the owner of the Pampered Pooch, a canine wellness spa and day care.  Maya loves her job and the dogs she cares for, but as her condition goes from bad to worse, it is more than her business that’s at stake.

Jeremiah pays a visit to Garrett, better known as G, a local radio host. G and his prankster partner Kiki have a big beach party coming up with an appearance by a major radio personality that they hope will get them national attention. But G is losing his voice, and that’s only the beginning of his problems.

Production Notes

Pregnant Paws was the first episode of season 5 to have part of its principle photography shot in the Hamptons.

The Pampered Pooch is actually a residence. The backyard was fitted with all types of doggy dressings, and the staff (and pooches) were all trained professionals.

George the beagle, who has a spotlight appearance at the Pampered Pooch, actually belongs to one of the Royal Pains producers, and this was his second appearance on the show.

Kiki and G’s radio booth was constructed entirely on the show’s Brooklyn stages. It stood on what is normally the Hamptons Heritage waiting room.

The beach party radio show was shot in the same location as the exterior Hamptons Heritage ER entrance. Hank’s rap video was shot the same day, so two film crews were working simultaneously to swap cast and switch them in and out of wardrobe.