Lawson Translation
S5 episode 3 Aired on June 26, 2013

In an attempt to get HankMed back in business, Evan heads to the Southampton Village Council to argue his case.  But it turns out that Evan never had a proper business license in the first place, and a new one can’t be processed for 72 hours.  What’s HankMed to do with all that free time?

Divya and Jeremiah head down to Savannah, Georgia to check out Symphony Health’s flagship hospital to see if the company is a good fit for HankMed.   They also take in a local baseball game, where they meet Tripp Doby, an aging player whose troubling medical condition could threaten his career.  Meanwhile, Divya, worried about her pregnancy, visits a specialist for advice and receives news that leads her and Jeremiah to bond in an unexpected way.

Evan and Paige make the best of the surprising 72-hour hiatus by spending the time together.  However, Evan’s attention is soon diverted when he discovers a loophole that will let him speak at the Village Council meeting after all.  But after his speech doesn’t go as planned, Evan makes a decision that could change his status in the Hamptons forever. 

Hank, unable to practice medicine for three days, travels across the Atlantic to Budapest, Hungary to meet Boris’ cousin Milos.  Milos suffers from the same debilitating disease that afflicts Boris, and Hank offers to aid Milos in the search for a treatment.  Hank has little time to enjoy his European vacation, though, as he soon finds himself embroiled in a very dangerous game of cat and mouse...