Blythe Spirits
S5 episode 2 Aired on June 19, 2013

While attempting to get back into his summer routine, Hank realizes he's not bouncing back as quickly as he'd like. Evan has been given free reign over Shadow Pond by Dmitry, but he finds little time to enjoy it as he fights the cease-and-desist order imposed by Blythe Ballard. Divya is still reeling from her life-changing news, and a doctor's visit confirms that she is indeed pregnant. The gravity of the situation overwhelms her, and she snaps at Paige, her sole confidant in the matter.

Finally cleared to drive, Hank witnesses a car accident his first time back out on the road. He finds the driver, 16 year-old Molly Barrett, with barely a scratch. But Molly's father, Police Officer Don Barrett, is none too pleased with his daughter's reckless behavior. Hank soon finds out that Molly might not be the most trustworthy of teenagers, but her antics are not Don's biggest problem at the moment.

Upon returning to the newly re-opened Hamptons Heritage ER, Hank meets Shelby Shackleford, a patient that Divya previously treated. Shelby works for Symphony Health, the company that bought the hospital. She has some very big ideas for HankMed, but the Lawsons aren't quite convinced of her plans.

In an attempt to win over the neighbors, HankMed throws an open house, even going as far as inviting Blythe Ballard. Everything is going great until an ailing patient crashes the party. And later on, Evan and Hank, investigating strange noises at Shadow Pond in the middle of the night, make a startling discovery that only deepens Hank's suspicions of Dmitry...