Bones To Pick
S5 episode 13 Aired on September 11, 2013

Evan tracks down Jeremiah to find out why he resigned, only to find out that it’s not quite why he thought. Hank also tries to bring him back to HankMed, but Jeremiah is too angry with how Hank went behind his back to consider it. 

Hank meets Monique, a paleontologist who is reconstructing a dinosaur skeleton for Paige & Russel’s next big auction. Monique has a strange rash, and since she travels everywhere, it could be anything. Her exam gets cut short when the dinosaur takes a “bite” out of Russel. 

Boris has been cleared for a new medical trial to treat his disease, and decides to travel the world with his family to begin divesting his global assets. He wants to focus on his family. And he wants Hank to come with him as his private physician, but Hank says he can’t leave HankMed behind. 

Divya is rushed to the hospital after experiencing severe stomach pain. Examination results could spell trouble for her pregnancy.  And while in the hospital, Jeremiah visits and finally comes clean about his feelings. 

Evan, consumed by his new job as councilman, has little time to devote to his marriage. Paige is stressed about still living in Shadow Pond, Russel’s newly announced sabbatical, and her husband’s focus on anything but their relationship. Tensions mount when Evan discovers that Russel has become Paige’s confidant. 

Shelby goes on the offensive as she tries to protect Symphony from the ramifications of Hank’s tox screen results. Hank learns of her plans from Divya, and brings back Ken “Killer” Keller to aid in his defense.  When talks turn sour, Hank’s professional future is put into question. And Hank responds with a decision that will surprise everyone.