A Trismus Story
S5 episode 12 Aired on September 4, 2013

Hank is exhausted from fighting to stabilize Don all night after giving him the steroid shot that caused a violent reaction. Don remains in the ICU, still in a coma.  Molly, frustrated with her father’s condition, lashes out at Hank and leaves a mark to prove it.

Don finally awakens, worse for wear, but alive.  Molly changes her tune and emphatically apologizes to Hank. But when she appears at Shadow Pond later on saying the exact same thing, Hank senses something is amiss, and discovers that Molly’s life could be in grave danger if he doesn’t act quickly.

It’s also Election Day in the Hamptons, and Evan makes sure everyone at HankMed knows it. He and Paige hit the campaign trail to get Hamptonites to the polls, but turnout looks grim until Paige comes up with an idea.  All might be for naught though when a live TV interview turns into a public spat between Evan and Blythe Ballard, and Blythe reveals some very startling information about Evan and Paige’s marriage.

Divya, having learned about Jeremiah’s feelings for her, isn’t quite sure how to act around him anymore.  But that doesn’t keep them from seeing a patient together, star TV reporter Gina Black. Jeremiah diagnoses her with lockjaw, something that someone who talks for a living doesn’t want to hear. And when her condition worsens, it gives “talking until you’re blue in the face” a whole new meaning.

Shelby brings in a Symphony corporate lawyer to deal with the implications of Hank’s tox screen results.  She also speaks with Jeremiah about the prescription he wrote for Hank. Jeremiah begins to realize Hank’s intentions might not have been entirely honorable, leading him to make a drastic decision.

Production Notes

Gina Black’s car was originally scripted to be a flying car (they exist!).  But due to availability, cost, and logistical concerns it was changed to a watercar.

The filming of Evan’s scene as he campaigns in the back of the convertible was re-scheduled 4 times, due to weather and other reasons. It was finally shot on the 3rd to last day of the entire season while the crew was simultaneously shooting the finale. Talk about cutting it close!

The puppy that Evan sees while campaigning was originally scripted to be a pug, and then changed to a beagle, and ended up being a husky that was owned by the Royal Pains Prop Master. Her name is Mika.

The polling site scenes were shot at the Oyster Bay Fire Station, and real firemen were used as extras in the background. The station is just two blocks from the town hall that stands in for the exterior set of the Hamptons Heritage ER. 

The close-up shots of Hank drilling into Molly skull isn’t of Hank at all. Those are the hands of the on-set Medical Advisor, Dr. Audie Liametz. And Molly’s skull is a prosthetic, of course!