Open Invitation
S5 episode 11 Aired on August 28, 2013

Hank holds vigil at Don’s bedside, monitoring his friend who’s in a coma after collapsing.  Molly blaming Hank for her father’s condition has the police submit him to a tox screen, which problematically comes back positive. This raises eyebrows at Symphony, and concern from Evan. Hank is more focused on Don though, and he butts heads with the head of the ICU over how aggressive Don’s treatment should be.

Divya and Jeremiah are settling into their roles as roommates quite nicely. But Jeremiah is troubled that Hank went behind his back to get pain medication, and the fact that he’s still experiencing any pain at all.

Evan, worried that Hank is hurting more than he’s letting on, calls on their dad (Henry Winkler), who drops his book tour to rush to his boys’ aid. Eddie wants to stage an intervention with local sobriety guru Lacy Sinclair (Jenna Elfman), herself a former addict.  Lacy herself might have fallen off the wagon, leading Evan to believe she’s not fit for the job.  And the simmering tension between Paige and Evan finally reaches a breaking point when Paige discovers a former attraction of Evan’s, throwing their relationship into chaos