S5 episode 1 Aired on June 12, 2013

Summer is heating up just at Hank returns to work, following an intense six-month recovery from an emergency craniotomy. Just in time too, as HankMed is much busier than usual due to the shutting down of the Hamptons Heritage ER. Divya, no longer with Rafa, and consumed with new patients, has to hire several new doctors just to keep up. Evan is worried that the workload is too much for his brother to handle. He institutes “HankWatch” to ensure that Hank doesn't go overboard, in his first day back working full time.

Evan is also preoccupied with the prospect of scoring a big retainer client in the form of Blythe Ballard. Blythe, a scion of the old Hamptons, brought into Hank's care after a hard fall, is impressed by HankMed, and shows curious interest in how it's run. Meanwhile, Paige is returning from school, and she's excited to get married life in full swing by shopping for a new home, but Evan doesn't seem to share the same enthusiasm, and she's not sure why.

Hank and Divya also make a house call to Erika Seelig, the wife of a hospital trustee. Erika's husband is worried she's overworking herself in preparing new designs for a fashion-show fundraiser that may enable the ER to reopen. But when Erika's condition doesn't improve, and in fact gets worse, Hank begins to think it might be much more than exhaustion.

Jeremiah returns after a long research trip to Iceland, almost unrecognizable from the man that left the Hamptons last summer. But his unrequited feelings for Divya remain, making his awkwardness around her that much more palpable. Dmitry, also back from Europe, reappears at Shadow Pond as the executor of Boris' will. Hank, still suspicious of Boris' death, has never trusted Dmitry less.

With so much going on at the beginning of summer in the Hamptons, HankMed surely can't take any more surprises. Which is when Divya gets news that will change things around here forever...