Business and Pleasure
S4 episode 9 Aired on August 15, 2012

Hank and Christina are getting cozy, even though she doesn't fully understand the charm of the Hamptons. But their little love bubble gets burst when Evan meets Christina at the Hamptons Speed Rally and is miffed that Hank has been keeping his new relationship a secret. Then Boris warns Hank that he should be careful with Christina, which Hank finds irksome especially since Boris is the one who put them together in the first place. Hank can't tell what Boris's endgame is on this one, but he's not about to let Boris call the shots about his personal life, too.

While Hank attends to a DEA agent who is working undercover at the Hamptons Speed Rally and suspects she contracted meth toxicity, Divya coaches Jeremiah with a case that's of a less straightforward scientific nature. Their new patient is complaining about symptoms that could mean postpartum depression, but both Divya and Jeremiah are surprised to discover that it's not the new mother, but her husband, a Mixed Martial Arts champion, who seems to be suffering from the syndrome. This case might take more of a gentle touch than the socially challenged Dr. Sacani can handle.

A special charity raffle at the Hamptons Speed Rally has made visions of a free Ferrari dance in Evan's head. None of his colleagues buy the argument that HankMed needs a Ferrari as a company car, but Evan manages to get them to pony up a portion of the ticket price anyway. He loses the raffle, but he still winds up with a Ferrari from a very surprising source.