S4 episode 8 Aired on August 1, 2012

With Dmitry staying at Shadow Pond prior to the summit, it's up to Hank to make sure the stubborn Russian is properly caring for his diabetes and taking his insulin. Even with translator Christina aiding Hank as he tries to reason with Dmitry, Dmitry continues to resist. Boris charges Hank with figuring out a way to keep Dmitry healthy both for the short and long term without becoming Dmitry's round-the-clock nursemaid for the rest of his life. Caring for an ill veterinarian friend of Divya's gives Hank an unorthodox idea that just may be crazy enough to work and earn Boris's reward of a night out with Christina in exchange.

Van Dyke puts his standing with HankMed in jeopardy when he shows up at work not just hung-over but still drunk. With Hank tied up with his shadowy Shadow Pond business and the unwell, overworked vet, it's up to Evan and Paige to "handle" this tricky personnel issue. But Van Dyke isn't talking about what prompted his bad behavior... so Evan has no choice but to fire him. After sleeping on his decision, Evan remembers how hard it was to staff up HankMed and that perhaps firing Van Dyke might've been a little rash. He decides to do a little detective work and retrace Van Dyke's steps the night before to see if he can figure out the reason behind VD's uncharacteristic bender.

A special charity raffle at the Hamptons Speed Rally has made visions of a free Ferrari dance in Evan's head. None of his colleagues buy the argument that HankMed needs a Ferrari as a company car, but Evan manages to get them to pony up a portion of the ticket price anyway. He loses the raffle, but he still winds up with a Ferrari from a very surprising source.