Fools Russian
S4 episode 7 Aired on July 25, 2012

Boris whisks Hank away in a helicopter from Shadow Pond for Hank's first secret mission. The destination: a fancy Manhattan penthouse. Boris tasks Hank with helping assess the medical issues of a very stubborn colleague, a Russian named Dmitry, with whom Boris is trying to negotiate an important deal. While Boris cleverly puts Hank in a position to work his magic and gain the trust of Dmitry, Hank also finds himself in a position to share a late night drink and a kiss with their attractive translator, Christina. Ever the upstanding professional, Hank stops the encounter from going any further, but with Christina and Dmitry accompanying Boris back to Shadow Pond, Hank's resolve may just get worn down.

Divya's father Devesh awakens from his coma to find his faithful daughter by his side. The only problem is that he doesn't want her to be. Even in his weakened state, he's still angry. When he is presented with the choice of staying in the hospital, which he hates, another night or being released into Divya's care, he reluctantly agrees to go home. Can she soften his heart enough to let her back in after all that's happened?

Paige is proving herself to be the best office manager HankMed-or any company-has ever seen. Between whipping the schedule into shape, assisting in signing up new clients and renewing contracts with existing ones, and improving physician review, Paige has become the practice's MVP to Evan's delight. He's only half-worried that at the rate she's going, she just may make him obsolete.