About Face
S4 episode 6 Aired on July 18, 2012

After careful thought, Hank tells Boris he accepts his strict, non-negotiable rules in order to be made privy to Boris's mysterious venture. Now Hank's got a pager-the short leash that Boris has placed him on-and the instructions to show up at Shadow Pond as soon as it beeps. Of course it goes off during the middle of a hard-won date with Harper Cummings, the attractive and resourceful doctor with whom the matchmaker, Veronica, set him up on an ambush blind date, instantly reminding Harper of her own non-negotiable rule: to never date doctors.

Paige helps Evan get a meeting back on the schedule to discuss a retainer at the Blackstone Club. Unfortunately, the meeting with the club director goes terribly, so Evan calls in Hank to seal the deal. The only problem is that the club director's daughter, who now runs the place since her father passed away a couple of weeks ago, mistakes Evan for Hank only moments after meeting Hank and then promptly trips and crashes into the glass coffee table in her office. Hank suspects the car accident she was in when she heard the news that her father was dying might have something to do with her strange behavior.

Since Devesh's stubbornness towards his wife or his daughter hasn't thawed one iota, Rubina decides to go to London for a little while. When Divya goes to apologize to Devesh after exploding at him during her first visit to make sure he was taking his medications as her mother instructed, she finds him face down in the pool. Luckily she is able to restart his breathing but after being treated at the hospital, he's still in a coma. Could Divya's harsh words have been the cause of her father's accident?