You Give Love A Bad Name
S4 episode 5 Aired on July 11, 2012

Having run to the medical aide of a stranger who has been mysteriously shot on the grounds of Shadow Pond, Hank finds himself torn between knowing he should stay out of Boris' business and wanting to do what's right - all while making sure he isn't involved in something he doesn't believe in. This time, however, Boris surprises Hank not only by agreeing to Hank's need to know the truth but also by asking for his help. Now the ball is in Hank's court.

To celebrate the re-launch of HankMed 3.0, Paige goes into overdrive to throw a party, which both pleases and concerns Evan. He knows she's making all this extra effort to avoid talking about what happened in England, but why? Surprisingly, when Hank finds out invitations are being sent to three hundred guests and table linens are being decided, he doesn't tell Evan to shut down the party. Though they're still working out the kinks of the new and improved HankMed, it's not a bad idea to spread the word about the practice now that their staff has expanded.

Hank and Divya treat a new patient who's a professional matchmaker, which pushes all of Divya's buttons. As it is, Divya feels responsible for her mother having left her father, but being reminded of her disastrous arranged marriage to Raj by working with a woman who matches couples based on their resumes only makes matters worse. But the matchmaker with two hearts may be the one person who can get Divya to finally open up her own.