Dawn Of The Med
S4 episode 4 Aired on June 27, 2012

Eddie Lawson is back in town and he's not only got a successful blog and new inspirational book in the works, he also has a simple plan to help get his sons back on the HankMed track-which is, to not interfere. Divya, who was the one who called in Eddie in the first place, is reluctant to let him do things his own way. But, considering her mother has finally warmed to the idea of spending time with her daughter without her husband's permission, Divya is too happy having lunch and spa days with Rubina to micro-manage. With a Zombie Fest Marathon and road race fundraiser taking place in town, Eddie sees his opportunity to remind the boys of the fun they had together during their childhood. But Hank's too busy trying to keep the event-organizer-slash-zombie-bridegroom from choking on his fake blood again and Evan is caught up getting a local mad scientist properly treated.

The one person who isn't happy to see Eddie is Boris, who has multiple crews on the grounds of Shadow Pond making the castle safer for baby Carlos. Despite Boris's nonnegotiable rule of discretion, Hank can't shake the sense that something suspicious is going on. Try as he may to stay out of it, there comes a moment when he has no choice but to get involved-and cross Boris once again.