A Guesthouse Divided
S4 episode 3 Aired on June 20, 2012

When the Lawson brothers go head-to-head for a lucrative gig to provide in-house medical services at a high-end spa, Divya hatches a scheme to help them both-fail, that is-so that they finally come to their senses and realize they need each other. Paige, who has returned from England early, is all too happy to support Divya's plan. Ever since she got back, Evan has been too wrapped up in building his new enterprise to ask Paige how her work is going (or not, as the case actually is). The boys are even competing with their goodbye presents to for Jill, who has been offered a better job than the one in Uruguay. For this new position, she'll be developing outreach programs, first in Botswana, then possibly South America. Even though leaving has long been her plan, she's finding that saying goodbye isn't any easier. Instead of letting Hank drive her to the airport, she takes off before he arrives to pick her up. But she gives Jake, her local delivery guy, a letter to give to Hank after she's gone.

While Keller is being tested by Hank to diagnose his nausea, cramping, and abdominal distress, he offers to invest in Hank's new solo concierge practice. Hank is too worried about Keller's increasingly serious symptoms, as well as similar symptoms coincidentally being displayed by Jake, to consider the idea. But with Jill gone, Hank realizes he's going to have to do things differently if he wants to stay in business and succeed now that he has competition-from his own brother-who is only getting stronger, savvier and more determined by the day.