Imperfect Storm
S4 episode 2 Aired on June 13, 2012

When a tail from an errant firework lands on a booth at Harborfest, a blaze is ignited, setting off a propane tank explosion. Hank and Jill rush to the scene along with other emergency response workers. While Hank is usually focused on everyone's wellbeing, he's intent on finding Evan-though that doesn't stop him from helping a couple of injured people along the way. Except for a little ringing in his ears and being imprinted on the cheek with HankMed temporary tattoos, Evan is fine...more than fine, as evidenced by his instant new HankMed staff. 

Evan's speedy restructuring aside, the brothers' business divorce is surprisingly amicable. They easily decide the terms of their separation agreement, until they get to the matter of dividing Divya, putting their invaluable PA in the awkward position of having to choose a side.

Divya's family problems-not only those with her chosen family-are also becoming more complicated by the minute. After running into her parents at Harborfest, Divya tries to convince her mother to go against her father's wishes and carry on a mother-daughter relationship on the sly. Her mother is tempted but unwilling to deceive her husband, much to Divya's disappointment.

 Jill's nephew, Luke, manages to get himself kicked out of chess camp and starts displaying some disturbing behavior that has both Jill and Hank baffled. Jill's family clearly needs her now, but she has to weigh whether or not that's enough of a reason not to go to Uruguay now that she has quit her job and sold her house. Is she past point of no return?