Sand Legs
S4 episode 14 Aired on September 19, 2012

It's Labor Day Weekend in the Hamptons. It's been a busy, intense summer for everyone at HankMed and the excitement is far from over. HankMed has been hired to step in as event medic for the Hamptons Invitational Labor Day Volleyball Tournament. But when Harper invites Hank to attend her family reunion for the weekend, he agrees to go to show that he is capable of putting their relationship ahead of work and his patients. Is he finally ready to take the next big step with Harper or will he get in his own way once again?

Divya gets so jealous when Rafa is asked to pose in a major photo shoot with a sexy, young female model that she sneaks onto the closed set. To her surprise, it's not the action on the steamy shoot that rocks her faith in her relationship; it's the gossip she overhears about another dark-haired beauty with whom Rafa apparently has a son in Argentina. What else hasn't he told her? Can she believe anything he has said to her? Maybe he isn't the love of her life that she was hoping he would be...

Paige has been spending time bonding with Lou, her possible birth mother, even before the DNA test results come in, which worries Evan. Just as Paige is about to help Lou settle in a room at the Blackstone, Lou confesses to Paige that she just found out that her daughter has been found-in Michigan.

Hank goes up to Shadow Pond to check on Dmitry, but he happens upon a fire burning inside the castle. Udo tells Hank that Boris is locked inside but they couldn't get him out. Hank makes a run for the front door, but before he reaches it, an explosion blows him back. Is this an electrical fire or the handiwork of the shady Dmitry?