Something Fishy This Way Comes
S4 episode 13 Aired on September 12, 2012

After a steamy "workout" in the back of Harper's car, Hank gets a call from Christina, but it's of a professional, not personal, nature. She tells him that Dmitry may be dying and Boris is the only one who knows where Dmitry is and how to get to him. Despite Hank's declaration that he was "done" with Boris, Hank's concern for his patient trumps his issues with Boris. Boris agrees to take Hank to Dmitry, but the trip has danger written all over it for both Hank and Boris.

With Hank gone, Divya and Jeremiah are working together to help an ambitious pharmaceutical rep who is displaying strange symptoms, like forgetting things and sleeping for two days straight. As Divya watches Jeremiah in action, she can't help but be impressed how he has grown into his position at HankMed. But whenever Rafa calls, she still jumps at the chance to speak to him, much to Jeremiah's secret disappointment.

Just when Paige has finally found peace with the news that she is adopted, a mysterious woman shows up claiming to be her biological mother. Evan has a gut feeling this woman, Lou Hunter, is Paige's birth mother, but Paige is more doubtful, especially since people have been coming out of the woodwork with the same assertion ever since the story hit the media. After Paige uncovers several shady events in Lou's past and catches her in a lie about the day she was born, Paige is ready to shut the door. But Evan points out there's only one way to find out the truth...