Hurts Like A Mother
S4 episode 12 Aired on September 5, 2012

After a couple of false starts, Hank and Harper have fallen into a comfortable routine. The only problem is that they skipped the "fun, falling-for-each-other, throw-caution-to-the-wind" part. It's been hard for them not to compare what they have to Divya and Rafa's whirlwind relationship, which is like a steamy romance novel come to life. Maybe if Hank and Harper take their cues from them-as well as some scenes from The Other Side of Ecstasy, a mega bestseller written by one of Hank's patients-they can overcome their overly practical natures. As much as Divya has been going with the flow for the first time in her life, she is also feeling vulnerable. What started as a summer fling has turned more serious and emotional for her. But with only a few days left to be together in the Hamptons, how will Divya find out if Rafa feels the same?

Evan almost falls over when the General appears at Shadow Pond asking for his help in getting Paige to see the General and his wife again. Even though they aren't Paige's biological parents and they realize the mistake they made by not telling her sooner, they love her and miss her desperately. As flattered as Evan may be by the General's plea for help, Evan is in a tricky spot. Paige has been very clear about needing more time. Both men might need to let go just a little bit in order to get Paige back-not exactly the easiest thing for either of them to do.