Dancing With The Devil
S4 episode 11 Aired on August 29, 2012

When Hank gets a call from Shadow Pond, he's surprised to find Marisa, not Boris, on the other end of the line. Baby Carlos is losing weight and despite her medical expertise, she can't figure out why. Hank finds the best pediatrician in the Hamptons, who happens to be Dr. Harper Cummings, the beautiful, smart woman Hank had to cancel a date with at the last minute when Boris summoned him. Hank's hoping that not only can she figure out what's wrong with Carlos but also that the situation will give him another shot with her.

While Divya enjoys a much-needed steamy rendezvous with the Argentinean polo player Rafa, Jeremiah covers for her on-call duties. What he doesn't expect is that he will have to go to a nightclub with a wildly famous pop star, Ava, to conduct some testing on her and not only will wind up dancing (somewhat well) with her but also will have to revive her when she passes out from her mysterious ailment. Jeremiah's medical performance impresses Hank almost as much as it does Jeremiah himself. He just may be a perfect fit for HankMed after all.

Despite Paige putting on a brave face as she and Evan get her set up to start as a student at Parsons in New York City, she's still reeling from the unexpected discovery that she is adopted. Evan has been nothing but a pillar of support, but will that be enough to ease her pain?