Who's Your Daddy?
S4 episode 10 Aired on August 22, 2012

The time has come for the in-laws-to-be to meet and Evan is worried that Eddie is going to mess it up with Paige's parents. Surprisingly, Eddie and the General wind up getting along wonderfully. But when the General leaves the dinner abruptly, Evan blames Eddie for ruining the mood by suggesting he go on tour with the General to promote his soon-to-be published self-improvement book. The next day, Paige and Evan find out the real reason the General hightailed it out of the country club, which leads to Paige discovering an unwelcome and upsetting truth about her parents and herself.

Despite Evan's assumption otherwise, Hank isn't heartbroken over his failed non-relationship with Christina. However, he admits to Eddie that he has begun to wonder if maybe he isn't built for the long-term relationship thing like Evan is. Eddie reassures Hank that he is built for anything he wants and that he just has to figure out who "she" is. Hank praises Eddie for the way he helped Paige through her family crisis and tells him that he has a great deal of admiration for his father. It's a rare moment of closeness between father and oldest son.

Divya's foray back onto the dating scene hasn't gone well, despite the fact that Veronica the matchmaker has set her up with three guys who precisely fit Divya's criteria. Paige suggests to Divya that maybe she only thinks she knows what she wants in man, just like she did until she met Evan. At first Divya dismisses that theory, but when a handsome heartthrob of an Argentinean polo player angles for Divya's attention, she begins to wonder if maybe Paige was right.