After The Fireworks
S4 episode 1 Aired on June 6, 2012

With the fight between Hank and Evan still fresh, Hank has already enlisted Jill to help him set up a new concierge practice while Evan is busy interviewing doctors to fill Hank's position, including Van Dyke. Feeling responsible for the rift between the Lawson brothers and desperately not wanting her chosen family to be divided, Divya tries to help Hank and Evan bury the hatchet and put HankMed back together again, but it isn't going to be easy. This time, the wounds are far more than superficial.

With the annual Harborfest in full swing-something Jill's family has always enjoyed together-she is feeling torn about her decision to resign from Hamptons Heritage to go work in Uruguay. It doesn't help that her oldest brother Ernie starts displaying some strange symptoms and is insisting on competing in the Hamptons Harborfest Lobster Roll Eat-Off to keep the title from being stolen by an outsider ringer, Rosie Novak. But given that Rosie's training is being interrupted by nausea and vomiting, her victory is hardly in the bag. While Divya treats Rosie and Hank helps Jill attend to Ernie, Evan promotes the "new and improved" HankMed to the Harborfest patrons in the hopes of drumming up new business, which doesn't help Divya's cause. Even Divya explaining to Hank that Evan's buying out her shares was not to get leverage over Hank doesn't convince Hank that he and Evan should be in business together-their philosophies are just too different.

But when the Harborfest fireworks take a scary turn that evening, the only person Hank is worried about is his little brother...