Ta Da For
S3 episode 7 Aired on August 10, 2011

Magic Andy, a popular illusionist with the well-heeled Hamptons crowd, keeps freezing up during his big escape finales. But as Hank determines, Andy's momentary paralysis during the moment of truth is not from fear or anxiety but from a deeper underlying medical issue. Now Hank has to perform his own brand of magic to figure out what Andy's problem is before Andy really makes himself ''disappear'' for good during a high-risk trick.

Divya quickly figures out that keeping her secret from Hank-namely that she's working part-time at Hamptons Heritage as a Physician's Assistant to pay back her debt to Raj's parents-isn't the hardest part of juggling two jobs. What she's really struggling with is following the rules and not stepping on the doctors' toes, especially the dismissive Dr. Paul Van Dyke. While her headstrong ways may eventually cost her her job, they just might earn her a date with the young physician.

Evan sets his sights on stalking Matt Lauer all over the Hamptons in order to land HankMed a spot on The Today Show - and he just may succeed despite Hank's continual lack of faith.

With Hank's help, Jill finally gets on Boris's calendar so she can tell him what she remembers from the night of the crash. But after hearing her recovered memories, Boris seems dismissive. Could Jill be misremembering the details? Or could Boris be more alarmed than he's letting on?