An Apple a Day
S3 episode 6 Aired on August 3, 2011

Though Tucker's girlfriend, Libby, has been at Mini-Med summer camp at Brown (thanks to Hank), she's not up for figuring out what's wrong with her mom Elyse. Hank becomes concerned when he discovers that Elyse's blood isn't clotting after she lacerated her arm on some fencing from her organic farm she owns with her girlfriend Anna. He then notices some bruising on her legs, which makes him downright worried.

His mother's ring now in hand, Evan asks Paige to marry him and she says... yes! But then she says no... because Evan hasn't asked her father his blessing yet. So begins Evan's quest to win over the General, which requires shrewd military-like tactics. Jill goes to see a therapist about her recurring nightmares about the car crash in Boris's limo. But the therapist winds up getting to the heart of a different matter: Jill's not-really-a-relationship with Hank. After Divya finally moves out of the guesthouse and rents a small place of her own, the last person she expects to see on her doorstep is Raj. Unfortunately, he's there to ask Divya to pay restitution to his parents for what they spent on the wedding she cancelled. But the only asset Divya now has is her piece of HankMed. How will Divya repay her debt without taking down HankMed?