Rash Talk
S3 episode 3 Aired on July 13, 2011

Hamptons locals Kate and Stella have pooled all their savings into an adorable eco-friendly home-care product shop, which they've fixed up themselves. Jill brings Divya into the shop to treat Kate for a drill bit that impaled her foot from a DIY-project-gone-wrong. But what catches Divya's attention is Stella's strange, persistent cough, which may be the result of toxic products. Soon Stella experiences an unbearable burning rash, dry mouth, a swollen tongue and photosensitivity. Hank quickly realizes that this is much worse than an allergic reaction and tries to find the cause of Stella's symptoms.

After opening a letter from the Department of Justice four months after being sent, Hank and Evan debate whether to go down to Florida for Eddie's parole hearing that's now just a few days away. Hank thinks that if Eddie wanted them there, he would've asked them, but Evan believes Eddie needs them and is simply too proud to say so. Will they get past their stalemate in time to help their father?

Meanwhile, everyone has figured out that Jill and Hank are romantically involved again despite efforts to conceal their affair from their friends. And Divya's attempt to move out of the Shadow Pond guesthouse falls flat when her application is denied due to her lack of credit - but at least Hank and Evan don't have to suffer from her spicy Indian cooking anymore!