But There's a Catch
S3 episode 2 Aired on July 6, 2011

Now estranged and financially cut off from her parents, Divya is crashing with Hank and Evan in the guesthouse at Shadow Pond. But Evan refuses to wallow in Divya's misery, especially now that HankMed is riding a wave of positive publicity, thanks to their heroic efforts after the Jitney crash. Before Jill hands over the reigns of the clinic to HankMed to do her good works, she rides shotgun with the HankMed team for on-the-ground experience and even some fundraising.

Hank's old high school nemesis, Ken ''Killer'' Keller, hosts a charity football game and has challenged Hank to prove he's still got it on the field. However, Killer Keller doubts Hank ever really had it, which just makes Hank ever more determined to prove him wrong--even if it means injuring himself in the process. But when Keller tries to ''dunk'' the football over the goal post after a touchdown, he manages to seriously hurt his arm. Putting their rivalry aside, Hank comes to his rescue but suspects Keller's hiding something in order to keep his competitive edge.

Meanwhile, Divya slowly gets back in the game by helping Killer Keller's stubborn gardener, who is exhibiting curious symptoms but is afraid of being replaced by someone younger. Could Evan's plan for drawing Divya out of her shell actually be working?