This One's For Jack
S3 episode 16 Aired on February 22, 2012

Hank is clearly having a hard time facing Jack's death and has shut down his emotions-kind of like when Hank and Evan's mom died, Evan points out. Unfortunately, Jill can't really be a comfort to Hank because she's feeling guilty about her part in Jack's death when she unknowingly enabled him to delay his treatment. And since Jack stipulated in his will that he didn't want a funeral, there doesn't seem to be a forum for them to say their goodbyes and maybe even let themselves off the hook. Or is there?

Claudette, Boris's cousin, is a woman on a mission-luckily one that doesn't involve slowly poisoning Boris. She's got a tech medical device company that she'd like Boris to invest in to keep the business in the family. Boris calls in Hank and Evan to sit in on her pitch. Hank is cautiously interested but would like to see more data and not to mention, an FDA approval. Meanwhile Evan sees a way to take HankMed's services to the next level.

Sniffing out Evan as an ally, Claudette convinces him to use one of her products on a HankMed patient. But when Hank finds out that Evan risked not only HankMed's reputation but also Hank's medical license, the question of who's really running HankMed rears its head. Since Evan bought Divya's shares to give her enough money to pay off her debt to Raj's parents, Evan feels that he's in charge. But Hank's the one with the "M.D." after his name and his career on the line. Suddenly the Lawson brothers are in a nasty deadlock, which could mean the end of HankMed-and maybe even their personal relationship.