Hank and the Deep Blue Sea
S3 episode 15 Aired on February 15, 2012

It's time for Carlos Casseras Kuester Von Jurgens Ratinecz's christening and Boris asks Hank to be the baby's godfather, a somewhat scary proposition given the recent actions of Boris's "crazy, murderous" family, as Evan puts it. When Claudette, a cousin from the Von Jurgen side of the family, interrupts the christening proceedings with an olive branch in hand, Boris sends her away. But she's not giving up so easily. She asks Evan to deliver a mysterious package to Boris at exactly 5pm. Scared as to what the package contains, Evan immediately hands it off to Boris's security guards, even though he hopes that it's proof that Claudette comes in peace and not another attempt on Boris's life.

In town, Evan spies Divya and Raj having what looks like a moment together over coffee. Curiosity piqued, Evan confronts Divya but she's characteristically tightlipped about what's going on between her and her ex. So Evan asks Raj to meet him and manages to find out about Divya's debt to Raj's family. Suddenly, so many strange things about Divya's behavior over the last several weeks become clear. Evan wants to help her... but first he has to convince her to let him.

After not being able to track down or reach Jack, who's still out fishing, Hank has a hunch that Jill is with him and leaves her urgent messages about Jack's condition. By the time Jill gets their boat back to shore, Jack is in much worse shape than Hank or Nina feared. The team springs into action and calls for a Medevac to airlift him to the hospital. Will Jack pull through or has his avoidance cost him his life?