Bottoms Up
S3 episode 14 Aired on February 8, 2012

Jack "fires" Hank because his insurance won't cover two GP's, but Hank's concerned that if he doesn't stay close to Jack's case, Jack will blow off his treatment. Which is exactly what Jack does by taking off on a fishing trip with Jill instead of getting a much-needed procedure so he can start dialysis. When Hank finds out how quickly Jack's lupus is progressing, his concern turns to worry. Hank may no longer be Jack's doctor but he's still his friend and he's going to do everything he can to make sure Jack's denial isn't his downfall.

A summer festival outdoor production of Midsummer Night's Dream is causing quite a stir for the whole gang. Hank is called in when minor medical mishaps start plaguing the cast the day before opening night. While there, Hank notices that the bombastic, hard-drinking star of the show has shortness of breath and begins testing him to rule out any heart disease. Evan, who has always dreamed of being on stage, only has one line in the play but his big break may be closer than he realizes.

Paige has been dutifully painting scenery in the hopes of impressing the director. When the director offers Paige a two-month job as a scenic artist in England, Evan is torn, knowing that she would stay if he asked but also that she really wants the gig. And Divya's hopes of enjoying some high culture are dashed when she finds out Raj is attending the play as well... with a gorgeous date. Divya quickly enlists Van Dyke to accompany her to even the score. But when Raj admits that he is in love for the first time, and he has Divya letting him out their obligation to thank for it, Divya realizes that he has moved on and she's the one who's stuck.