My Back To The Future
S3 episode 13 Aired on February 1, 2012

With Hank suffering from severe back pain, Evan hires Van Dyke as their "back-up doc" to help manage HankMed's busy workload. At first, Evan bristles at the formal way Van Dyke does things, e.g. wearing his white doctor coat and introducing himself as Dr. Van Dyke instead of Paul. But when Van Dyke starts racking up the client retainers for HankMed, Evan gets stars in his eyes. Could this be his HankMed expansion dream come true?

Now that Divya is no longer moonlighting at the hospital, she decides to sell a rare set of her family's vintage china to raise the money she needs to pay off her debt to Raj's parents. But before she delivers the china to the appraiser, Divya catches someone stealing it from her car. Divya and Jill take off after the thief, but he crashes the Jeep he's driving (also stolen) during his getaway, severely injuring himself and destroying financial freedom in the process. Always the professional, she winds up saving the crook but unfortunately, the china is D.O.A.

Bad back and all, Hank is by Jack's side to hear about his treatment options for his lupus as outlined by the nephrologist, Dr. Nine Greene, and help Jack decide how to proceed. Rather than taking the time to understand the various courses of treatment, including a risky clinical trial, Jack flips a coin. He figures a risk is a risk... or is it?